Sofia Vergara New Hair Color 2013


The actual “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara offers dyed the woman’s very long brunette hair blonde!!! Sure, girls, the actual Colombian actress has certainly performed which. Why? When? Exactly how do we all know about this extreme makeover? Aren’t these types of the actual thoughts that you are going to ask us? Yeah! Hmm… Allow me to solution them. Concerning the second concern; whenever? Vergara debuted this particular new hair shade by submitting an image associated with himself on her Twitter accounts a handful of days ago, and in addition to this particular image the lady tweeted, “Blond ambitions!! Gracias into the incredible Kelly Klain I’m completely ready for summer season!”

Oh yea! Sure, girls, which is the way we knew regarding the woman’s makeover, through Tweets! Okay, it seems which you have discovered the solution with the third query, what about the 1st one? ….. Response this myself?! Alright. Sofia has made a decision to pleasant the actual future summer months season associated with The year 2013 through going again in order to light-weight blond tresses. Likely back?! Aha, heading again, do not you know our beloved superstar is naturally blonde?! Yes, she’s! İn any case, my precious audience! Now, convey to us: Exactly what does one visualize the actual actress’s freshly lightened hair? Would you such as or don’t like them?!


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